2D & 3D Part Design

Modelling and part design are fundamental to Bellshire Technologies Inc., The closer to reality the model, the more accurate the design.  This is a fundamental belief of Bellshire Technologies Inc.

In order to provide the highest level of design accuracy and versatility, we design in three dimensional models. Not currently using 3D? This is not a problem. We can create models from your initial concepts, from existing two dimensional drawing, or from 3D scans.
Once we have a 3D model of your product or tool, we can provide a variety of other services, including:

• Composite Analysis
• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
• Prototyping
• Mould design, analysis, construction
• Virtual fit and function tests
• Photo rendering
• Animation
• 3D catalogues

Engineering for you composite products
CAD Design and FEA analysis of Protectolite Inc. Two-Part Third-Rail Insulator
(also called Dextra Power Bi-Block Insulator)
see Composite Analysis and Engineering for details. Assembly avi movie file

Optimization of uniformly spaced Stand-offs to maximize rigidity in coiled chemical processing media