Composite Material Formulation

If you have material questions, we can provide material solutions. If there are problems with your current materials in production, we can provide you with solutions. At Bellshire Technologies Inc. we can generate thermoset or thermoplastic based composite formulations engineered to match your chemical, electrical, physical, and flammability needs.

Along with material formulations, we can arrange for the testing required to populate your material data-sheets and to validate the materials' properties. Bellshire Technologies Inc. can also provide you with project management services for submissions to certification organizations (e.g. UL, ULC, CSA, NEMA).

Formulation work done for B&W MEGTEC (Turbosonic Inc.) A CONDUCTIVE COMPOSITE MATERIAL FOR WET ESP APPLICATIONS with several patents pending.

Formulation for Integran Technologies Inc. on polymeric primer coating for adhesion bonding.

Formulation of Wood Fiber/HDPE Composite for use in low cost concrete forms in the construction industry.
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