Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) coupled with the Composite Analysis and Material formulation gives you a thorough understanding of the part’s (or assembly's) performance, manufacturability and cost before any tooling or construction stage.

Bellshire Technologies Inc. can perform FEA analysis for your parts and tooling to:

• Compare alternative designs,
• Study the interaction between different assembly components,
• Simulate real-world operating conditions to see how the part handles stress, strain and displacement,
• Perform drop test analysis,
• Optimize the part to meet pre-specified design criteria,
• Reduce the costs and time delays caused by physical prototyping,
• Identify potential design flaws and correct them earlier in the design process,
• Perform coupled thermal and structural analysis,
• Conduct contact analysis, and 
• Study the performance of the design under dynamic loads.

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Drop test analysis of a portable corrosion resistant processing vessel for 3XR Inc.