Composite Analysis

We offer you a variety of composite analysis service in composite laminates and mouldings. Cost-effectiveness, time-efficiency, and material property concerns can all be addressed through a combination of services:

Perform both physical and mechanical tests of representative laminates or mouldings,
Calculate component, lamina, or laminate level properties including fibre orientation analysis for composite mouldings

Once we have the material properties, we can use them to provide additional services such as:

• Determining the appropriate material formulation based on your required mechanical, chemical, electrical, and flammability properties.
• Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for general and/or progressive failure analysis of a particular product or assembly.

Composite Design Standards

The following are a list of typical design standards that we use in composite analysis depending on the application.

Engineering for you composite products

Orientation mapping of Sheet Moulding Compound orientation (Z-axis shown) for use in mechanical FEA modelling a Protectolite Inc. Two-Part Third-Rail Insulator
(also called Dextra Power Bi-Block Insulator)

see 2D & 3D Composite Part Design for more details.

Anisotropic thermal mechanical analysis of Turbosonic Conductive Carbon Fiber Tube Bundle Pilot Unit A CONDUCTIVE COMPOSITE MATERIAL FOR WET ESP APPLICATIONS

Wood Fiber composite Injection moulded Wood Fiber/HDPE Composite formulation for use in concrete forms in the construction industry. Image shows Static Tensile fracture surface with fibers broken right at the fracture face. Wood Fiber composite Image shows Creep Tensile fracture surface at the same magnification with unbroken wood fibers and creep flowed thermoplastic matrix material.